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Post by Patterson on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:15 pm

One major mistake today that many people seem to make is that jazz music is unpopular today. That statement there is completely false. Contrary to popular belief, jazz music is actually alive and has a big following. While the number of jazz fans are not exactly the same as for the major pop singers or rock bands, the numbers are still quite impressive. Some exist in forms of big bands such as Gordon Goodwin and the Big Phat Band or Tommy Igoe Big Band. Other popular jazz groups today include one of the top bands in the nation, which is the United States Marine Corps Jazz Band, and the solo player Rick Braun. All of these groups/artists all include both talented and skilled players. While these groups aren’t as popular as singers such as Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, or groups such as Avenged Sevenfold and Asking Alexandria,, they still are quite popular and produce good music. While many people view jazz as unpopular and an almost dead popular genre, others see it for what it truly is.

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